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Kichaka Expeditions epitomizes the Africa of time gone by.  The miles and miles of empty space which makes this continent so breathtaking.  The Ruaha is a remote and untouched paradise, far away from the hordes of vehicles and extensive road networks that exemplify the more famous Parks in the North of Tanzania.  Moli and Noelle, the company founders, fell in love with Ruaha's extreme isolation in 2007 and knew they would never leave.

Truly wild areas are getting harder and harder to find, and Tanzania can count itself blessed for the amount of wilderness it still possesses compared to other African countries, and the personification of this is the Ruaha National Park. With a deep passionate interest in conservation and Wildlife, All of us at Kichaka strive to assist in ensuring the protection, enjoyment and continued survival of these areas.  

Walking Safaris, Tanzania,Ruaha National Park
walking safaris, Ruaha National Park
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Walking Safaris, Tanzania
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Andrew Molinaro

Andrew, more affectionately known as ‘Moli’ was born in the U.K in 1979 but moved to live in East Africa when he was 1 year old.  His family lived near Nairobi in Kenya and he spent his whole childhood and school days there.  Already developing a huge interest and love of anything that wiggled, walked, crawled or flew (except Hippos of course!!) Due to his constant visits to some of Kenya’s extraordinary wildlife areas, Moli decided to head to the UK to pursue  a degree in Zoology.

On returning to Africa and completing an 18 Month study of Mongoose he decided to make a life in the wilds of Africa.  Moli  began his professional guiding career in the mighty Masai Mara Game Reserve of Kenya and slowly began to develop a keen interest in walking safaris so spent 2 years in South Africa to gain walking and firearm training before heading back home to East Africa.

Slightly disillusioned by the 'commercialist' nature of some of Kenya’s Parks he followed in his mentors footsteps to the South of Tanzania in search of true wilderness.  He found more than he bargained for and has made this area his home sine 2005, conducting walking Safaris in both the Selous Game Reserve and the Ruaha National Park.  In his first year in the Selous he easily walked well over 4000Km, a distance greater than walking from Nairobi to Cape town and 8 years later is reputed to be one of the most experienced walking guides in Tanzania.

Walking Safaris Kichaka Expeditions

In an effort to improve guiding standards in Tanzania, Moli spends a significant amount of time with guide training around the country. In his time he has trained numerous walking and driving guides as was all National Park personnel.  

In 2013, Moli and his partner Noelle have started off Kichaka Expeditions, their proposed ‘home’ for the long term future

Noelle Herzog

Noelle was born in San Francisco, California, USA.  Originally destined to become a ‘city girl’, perhaps the growing up with 7 brothers and 3 sisters made her yearn for ‘quieter’, more isolated pastures. Armed with a degree in Anthropology, Noelle set her sights on Africa and arrived on her shores in 2007.  Her mission was to study the cultures of the Masai & Hehe people. She was based in Iringa town, not too far from the boundaries of the Ruaha National Park. 

An unexpected and quick weekend visit to the park stirred something inside her and it immediately dawned on her she wanted to spend the rest of her life here and vowed to return. True to her word, Noelle was working in a lodge in the Park 3 months later and slowly acquired the much needed bush experience required to survive in the industry.  Excelling at everything she did, Noelle soon found herself assisting in running one of the Park’s most prestigious, luxury camps which is where she met her partner Moli.  She then developed a huge passion and interest in nature and conservation and is a ‘city girl‘ no more!  Lost in the wilds of Ruaha she applies herself to anything she can and has developed her skills in nearly everything from cuisine and menu design to wildlife photography and movie making. 

Moli and Noelle Tanzania

Since 2013, she has started up Kichaka Expeditions with her partner where she is the backbone of the operation, tirelessly trying to overcome the logistical hurdles which present themselves in this remote land as the team on a daily basis, move the entire camp from one location to the next and have it ready for the guests return in time for lunch. 


- David Attenborough -

"An understanding of nature and what's in it is a source of not only curiosity but great fulfillment "


Ben Fogle New Lives in the Wild

Ben Fogle -Ruaha episode

"New Lives in the wild" 

Moli and Noelle were humbled to be selected to appear in "New Lives In The Wild" a British reality documentary where presenter Ben Fogle spends time and interviews those who have largely shunned civilization for a life in the wilds.

Flycamping, Kichaka Expeditions, Walking Safari

"Top 10 best value 

safari camps in africa" 

Kichaka Expeditions made it as #1 for the best value property in Africa! 

Ruaha National Park Safari

The Telegraph

"the 50 best safari holidays"

Another great feature for Kichaka listed as one of the top 2 destinations in all of Africa to visit for walking! Make sure to scroll to the "walking" section and the "best guides" section to see a write up on our very own Moli!

Baobab Ruaha National Park

Jetsetters Blog

"top 5 new safari guides"

Wow! Our very own Moli is listed as one of the top 5 guides in Africa to watch!

Waking Safaris Ruaha National Park

Conde Nast Traveler

"Ruaha's secret safaris" 

Immerse yourself in the text as you read about the thrilling adventures of what a Kichaka Expeditons Safari is all about!

Walking Safari, Kichaka Expeditions

"Moli magic" in Mpululu

Have you ever wondered what a safari with Kichaka Expeditions would be like? Engross yourself in this gripping day-to-day report from one of our recent expeditions to the untouched corners of Mpululu!

In the press

“However, any silence is filled by Andrew "Moli" Molinaro, the Kenya-born manager, an animal aficionado of such enthusiasm that, somewhere, a wildlife channel is surely missing a khaki-kitted presenter.​"

-Chris Leadbetter, The Independant

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Guest Reviews
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