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Authentic African Safaris 

Whether you are new to safari and just want a little taste of wilderness, or you are a Safari connoisseur and want to ‘loose’ yourself in one the most isolated areas on Earth for several days, we have a range of expeditions to suit your needs, with a promise of more to come!

With a combination of luxurious "glamping" as well as authentic genuine "camping" experiences, our hosts and guides will take you on probably one of the most intimate and exclusive walking adventures still available on the African continent.  Our guides are passionate and at the top of their game, you will be in safe, experienced hands as you test yourself exploring the untrammeled and never-ending vastnesses of the mighty Ruaha National Park.


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A privately booked camp allows great freedom and choice along the way!  When you book Kichaka Private the whole of the Kichaka fleet is at your disposal at all times, so each safari can be fully customized to suit your desires, fitness and adventure levels. 

You can be out at dawn tracking Elephants on foot, stay out all day or even catch up on a much needed "sleep-in". We cannot even tell you what to do we just make suggestions along the way, everything can be based around how you feel on the day.  Rest assured though, there is always something going on in the African bush to keep you occupied for hours at a time with the added luxury of doing it at your own pace.

Our private bookings can accommodate up to 8 people at a time.

Luxury Safari Camp

- David Attenborough -

"An understanding of nature and what's in it is a source of not only curiosity but great fulfillment "


While staying with us, there is a wealth of options to fill up your day.  In fact, you will find yourself kept remarkably busy as we have a variety of different ways in which to get acquainted with the inhabitants and surroundings of Ruaha.  Our guides between them are specialists in all fields pertaining to nature so at all times you will be in experienced and well seasoned hands, from learning how to use your newly acquired camera to get those top wildlife shots all the way to tracking a Lion on foot, nearly all interests can be catered for.


The mainstay safari activity in Africa.  From the comfort of our well equipped game viewers, get up close and personal with all of Ruaha's most exotic creatures.  Observing by vehicle is the perfect opportunity to do just that, observe!!  Essentially a mobile hide, in a vehicle the animals are oblivious to nearby human presence allowing approaches to very close quarters offering great photographic and viewing opportunities. 


With now a staggering 575 species recorded, Ruaha can only be described as one of the premier birding destinations on Earth.  All of us at Kichaka from waiter to management are very eager on birds, which are everywhere.  The flits & twitters of our feathered friends are perpetual. Fabulous birding is found everywhere here and it is not uncommon to tick off 150+ species in a few days.


Be it from an Iphone, to the latest Nikon bazooka, these days everyone will be snapping away.  Our guides too in fact are all passionate about photography and are well versed in the subject.  By both foot and vehicle they will assist you to get the best shot placements possible to help you capture those lifetime memories.  If you are new to the art and need some guidance, they can even give you a few pointers to get you going.

Star Gazing

With such crystal, clear nights over Ruaha it would be rude to neglect the night skies!  The complete lack of light pollution nearby ensures pure darkness and breathtaking vistas of the heavens.  Even just a good pair of binoculars can unlock wondrous objects in the night sky however we also posses a powerful telescope which easily displays the rings of Saturn.   


The Kichaka speciality and for many of us, the only true way to submerse yourself in nature. The walking safari is the most real and authentic way to experience the bush and our guides are incredibly experienced and have spent decades walking Africa's wilds.  Allow them to lead you safely through Ruaha's rugged landscape as our ancestors travelled, on our own two feet, on a level playing field with the animals and the thrill of not knowing what maybe hiding behind the next bush.

Night Drives

A different dimension to the Game Drive.  Armed with a spotlight as well as high-tech thermal imaging devices, a whole new world opens up as the veil of darkness settles over Ruaha.  A good chance to spot those nocturnal creatures as they scuttle from their daylight hiding places to take their place under the starry night sky.  The critters of the night encompass some of nature's more bizarre and unusual species. Please note there is an additional $100 Tanapa fee per person for this activity.  



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